A Personal Journey Toward Cultural Understanding

Dr Michele Poppinghaus is a paediatric anaethetist in Newcastle. He came from Australia from Germany via Cornwall in 1995. Dr Poppinghaus completed his anaesthetic training in Newcastle and worked in Darwin, Katherine and Gove in 2004 and 2005. As someone born overseas ‘Mich’ was stunned to see the general lack of understanding of cultural differences and its far reaching consequences. This led to further study and to this day he maintains a keen interest in intercultural awareness and understanding.

Dr Mich Poppinghaus talks about the catalyst for his self-improvement in the area of cultural safety and the journey that has taken him on. The anaesthetist from the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle also talks about his historical cultural positioning and how he works that into his understanding. Lastly, Dr Poppinghaus provides some background on a mentoring program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Medical Students in the New England region.

Recorded on Friday, 3 October at the 2014 Australian Indigenous Doctors Association conference in Melbourne.