Mental Health Service Delivery

This is the last module in a series of four developed by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) to support health professionals in improving knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health care to achieve better outcomes. Module 4 contains chapters on the following:

  • Barriers
  • Reviewing service delivery models
  • Who to talk to?, How do we listen?
  • What is helpful?
  • How do we implement?
  • Extra reading
  • Learning outcomes

“A service is there for the community so you have to ask the community if it is being effective. There’s no other way of really understanding if you’re providing what people need.”

“For a lot of communities in Australia, sometimes you’re not there every day. Encouraging the clinics to have Indigenous people on board, so when you as a specialist come next year there’s teamwork and onsite training…”