Navigating Communication

The College of Intensive Medicine (CICM) has produced an online course: “Navigating Communication – Communication and Consent Issues with Aboriginal Patients.”

The course was produced after consultation with experts in the field and members of the Aboriginal community.

“Navigating Communication – Communication and Consent Issues with Aboriginal Patients” has been designed to enable medical practitioners to understand and communicate more successfully with Aboriginal patients and their families. It contains the following chapters:

  1. Overview – short presentation
  2. Appreciating different perspectives
  3. Awareness of cultural safety
  4. Exploring the decision-making process
  5. Understanding non-compliance
  6. Discussing end-of-life
  7. Talking and listening

“We come from two different worlds…but we can achieve a common goal.”

“Trust and relationships are paramount with Aboriginal people….particularly in this setting where relationships are part of health.”

“Because of the communal, holistic nature of Aboriginal relationships somebody else has responsibility for you, and you in turn have responsibility for somebody else.”

“Sometimes that running away from hospital is about those obligations that we don’t understand.”

“We can get caught up in all the machinery and the technical aspects of critical care and it’s even more important in those circumstances that we stay human and that we connect with people.”

“The time spent on establishing rapport and getting to know someone is time that will be saved later on….listen, be respectful and take it slow.”